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fandom_dinosaur's Journal

Fandom Dinosaurs
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Are you a fandom dinosaur? Did you get into fandom during the first run of the X-Files? Or *gasp* Star Trek? Are all these twenty-somethings (and teenagers!) who seem to think they invented the MPREG-genderswap-aliensmadethemdoit-slashfic getting you just a little irritated?

Then this is the place for you. We've been through WANK before it had a special name. We've been through ship wars conducted on GENIE. We used to hide our porn on mailing-lists or in zines.

Pull up your walker have a seat in the rocking chair and take a load off those poor Brontosaurus bones.

Because we remember when Brontosaurus was a dinosaur, Pluto was a planet, and Coke came in New and Classic varieties.

Because yes, we are fandom dinosaurs. We are just that old. *g*